Our Services

Our Services

Relocating your pets internationally can be a complicated process requiring extensive knowledge of both import and export requirements. Factors such as veterinary documentation, quarantine regulations, flight availability and restrictions, flight kennel requirements, timing, and boarding can make it a daunting task for any pet owner to overcome. The knowledgeable staff at World Wide Pet Transport can simplify this process so you can focus on the many other things that are involved in a household relocation. Let Wild Life Pets Trade be your pet’s travel agent!

Pickup & Delivery

Wild life Pets Trade provides pickup and delivery of your pet between your residence and airports…

Health Documents

We arrange any and all required veterinary services and health documentation for domestic and global destinations….

Flight Kennels

We supply USDA and IATA compliant flight kennels of various sizes to accommodate any type of…

Trip Logistics

We ensure that your pets get the high standards of care, comfort and attention they deserve throughout their entire journey, giving you the peace of mind that you need.

Boarding available

We provide boarding if requested or required….

Permits & Customs Clearance

We apply for import permits and transit permits when required. Also very important – we provide…

USDA Endorsements

We arrange for USDA endorsement and consular legalization of documents….

Quarantine needed?

Wild Life Pets Trade can arrange quarantine if required….

What We Do

Be it an elephant or a tiny frog, fish or foal, we will get your precious companions delivered with the least amount of stress – to them or to you!

  • Pre-book and schedule flights to ensure the best route possible.
  • Arrange all export, import permits and paperwork for international travel.
  • In accordance with your destination, ensure that all vaccinations, micro chipping and passports are in place and up to date..
  • Collection and return of your pet from your door for all necessary vaccinations and pre-flight inspections.
  • Collection and delivery of your pet to the airport ready for departure.

We arrange all required veterinary services and health documentation for any arrival.

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