Cat relocation in Dubai

Cat Relocation in Dubai

Cat Relocation in Dubai

Pets movers are the # 1 Cat Relocation company in the UAE. We have proved to our customers and clients many times that we can do miracles for them in terms of pet relocation. We are always a step ahead of other cat relocators in Dubai and therefore we provide international standards in pet moving. Cat relocation in Dubai is a difficult thing to do but the care and love cats needs is not a conventional thing. We know about it very well and we know the cats’ behavior and we groom them in our pet boarding spaces very well. 

From Inception to the Job Done

We provide all the services and manage to pave the way for the successful moving of your cat to Dubai. We follow all the IATA-approved rules for pet moving. We assist you to get the necessary certifications for Cat relocation in Dubai. Our system is robust, quick, and based on the pillars of morality and therefore we do everything that we promise to do. We have a team of pet groomers, vets, and pet technicians to provide all the facilities to your cat under one roof during pet boarding. We arrange everything to help your pet to relocate to Dubai likewise;


  • Booking Boarding for cats
  • Picking up and dropping off cats
  • Vet Services for cats
  • Health Certificates for cats
  • Import Permits for Cats
  • Custom Clearance for cats
  • Crates approved by IATA for cats
  • Dubai Municipality Tags for cats


We know cat relocation better than others and therefore people come to us for multiple possibilities in cat relocation. Our experts always suggest the best for your cat to move to UAE.


Affordable Rates


At Pets Movers, we charge the minimal almost the economical for both sides and thus we are regarded as the Cheapest cat relocation in Dubai. Our services are the cheapest in cost but highest in value hence, our team of professionals provides services in Dubai that are comparable with the rest of the developed world.  We provide transparent services and you can contact us about any issue during the process of relocation. We are doing this because we have struggled for quality and economical pet and cat relocation services in UAE, therefore we do not want to lose our status at any cost.  Our cat moving services are a helping hand to many pet lovers in UAE.




Call us to book it for the best results


Call us for result-oriented services regarding Cat relocation in UAE. Our services make a difference and help you to move your pet with ease. We give our best to every client for the safe and seamless relocation of cats at affordable rates. We make it convenient for you to make the international and local cat moving convenient and safer as well. You just order us to move your beloved cat and we will do it for you the rest to make it possible for your beloved to be with you in UAE.

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