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Pets Import Export's in Dubai

Pets Movers is an expert in importing pets from any part of the world. We have a specialized and trained team that can help you to move with your pets in UAE. We have close ties with pet movers in other countries as well so we do it swiftly and accurately. We always keep ourselves up to date with the latest laws about Pet Import, and Export. We have the certified vet. technicians and other helpers to treat the pet well during boarding.  We assist you in getting health certificates for your pets with ease.

Import Your Pet Safely and Securely

We follow all the instructions and rules of the Government of UAE and other international agencies. We assist you to get through all the procedures and certifications without any delay. The pet rules and regulations are different in every country and we study to know them to assist you better and more rapidly. Importing pets to UAE is quite critical because there are some banned species of dogs and also laws are somehow strict to avoid any illegal trafficking of animals from across the world to the UAE. The restricted species of Dogs are as follows:

  • All kinds of Pitbulls
  • Japanese Tosa
  • Dogo Argentino
  • Argentinian Mastiff
  • Fila Brasileiro
  • Brazilian Mastiff
  • Wolf Dog hybrid
  • American Staffordshire Terrier

We are the Pets Import & Exports Specialists therefore we deal in the import of pets only that fall under the UAE’s permitted category list. We are continuously the leaders in our niche and helping people live their life with their beloved pets in the heart of the Middle East. We arrange all sorts of tests and vaccinations to import the pets.     

Pet Import at Affordable Rates

Pets Movers is a company dealing in the Import Exports of Dog that are allowed by the UAE authorities. We help you to get the import permit and other documentation to import pets in Dubai and help you to live your life with your pets. Our rates are not only affordable but our services are comparable with the rest of the developed world. We are the trendsetters for pet imports in UAE. We prefer to provide you with all the possible ways to import pets swiftly and nicely to the land of opportunities in Asia. We follow all the travel guides of IATA to move pets in UAE through your preferred flights.

Call us now to import your favorite pet at economical rates. We work to win your trust and provide you with the best services that you are dreaming of for Pet Import Export in Dubai.  Our services standard is as per the ISO certifications to provide a better and safe environment to pets while importing them to UAE. Contact us immediately and without any confusion for robust services in Cat Import Export. We have attained the tag of the best pet importer in the UAE with our strong dedication and professional mannerism. Do not only dream to live with your beloved pet in fact contact us to help you to meet your beloved in UAE.

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