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  • How Do I Train My Pet With The Flight Kennel ?

    It is very important that the kennel should be associated with something pleasant to your pet and you should give them enough time to explore the kennel on their own. please do not hurry up and get the pet frightened of the kennel.

    ​When you introduce the kennel to your pet,  remove the grill door and encourage the pet to go in and stay for short time and treat them with goodies when they come out.

    You may place their blanket or plaything inside the kennel. You may keep feeding your pet, initially, near the kennel and slowly inside the kennel. It may take few weeks for them to get rid of the fear and anxiety and start staying in the kennel for longer time.

  • Is There a Certain Time Of Year That Is Better To Transport My Pet?

    Most airlines have temperature policies to ensure your pet travels when conditions are safest. All pets, especially snub-nosed pets, travel better when temperatures are at or below 24℃ (75℉).

    However, we understand that this is not always feasible in some climates. Some precautions Global Pet Relocation takes is transporting your pet in the early morning or late evening when the temperatures are lower.

  • What Are The Travel Requirements?

    The extensive travel requirements depend on the airline and the destination. They can include any of the following: preparing necessary documentation; acting as a liaison with consuls, the department of agriculture, quarantines, overseas receivers, and veterinarians; flight routing; solving destination problems; pickup and delivery; preflight stress management; general caging and cage modifications; planning for long-term outbound boarding; and holding pets overnight.

    For specific import and export requirements for popular destinations call us on 971529909004

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