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Pets pickup & delivery in Dubai

Pets Movers is Dubai’s premier service in pet moving with all the certificates of IATA and other authorities who are solely dealing in this business. The Pets Pickup and Delivery in Dubai is not an easy task because of the hot and extreme weather conditions. Knowing this fact, we are serving the pets and their owners for a long. We are the favorite pet travelers in Dubai because of the salient features of our services likewise;

Airport Pick Up and Drop Off


Pets Movers pave the way for your pet to safely land in Dubai and go back home. We assist you to pass all the clinical tests that are required by the local authorities and international bodies to let your beloved pet travel to UAE. Our system is aligned with all the international laws and our team is well-trained to help you with Successful Pet Boarding in Dubai

IATA Approved Travel Boxes


We provide IATA-approved travel boxes for Pet Pick Up and Drop off in UAE and this helps you to see your beloved in UAE. IATA has strict regulations regarding pet transport because many pet animals are either dangerous or simply getting extinct from the face of the earth. Therefore, we care for you and your beloved pet as per the rules and regulations of IATA.


Choose us to ensure your pet to be landed in the heart of the Mid-East quite safely and securely. We believe in making a longer partnership based on trust and care, so dial us or send us an email by filling up the request form on the web and we will be there to make it possible that you to hug your beloved in UAE. 


Reasonable Price


Owning a pet in Dubai is costly affection and when someone is moving from around the world to Dubai then it adds heavy cost to the overall trip expenditures to Dubai. We are renowned for offering the Pet Pick Up Services in Dubai at affordable rates. We take the exact care of your beloved pet as someone with high charges looks for.

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