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USDA Endorsements in Dubai


Pets Movers provide Pet Relocation services as per the USDA generally and especially for imports or exports to the U.S. We do it as per the laws of the USA and we have vast experience in all this. We care for the health of the animals and constantly improve the system as per the new laws and regulations made by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). We are the premier company dealing in USDA Endorsements in Dubai. This makes us the most trusted company for USA nationals to move to Dubai with their beloved pets. We make the entire process hassle-free and quick so that you can trust us as your beloved pet’s nurse.

Every Step of Relocation is as Per the USDA Recommendations

We follow all the steps of the relocation made by USDA. This helps you relocate with pets so easily that it was never before. Our team gathers all the documents required to move the pets to the Arab Emirates. Our vets and other grooming staff are entirely aligned with the rules and regulations of USDA and therefore we check the pets so deeply and calmly that they must pass every step fairly to get ready to come to Dubai with you.

Animal Health Is Protected as Per the USDA Endorsements

Animal health is protected during the boarding or drop-off or even drop-in process strictly as per the endorsements and recommendations of USDA. All the tests at the laboratory are done according to international standards and this provides a clear picture of the animal’s health if any preventive measure is needed then it can be taken. Such tests help to protect animal health in an effective way because it gives all the information about the disease and then possible cure can be provided. Pets Movers is the premier company in the UAE to offer such services.

Monitoring and Surveillance as Per USDA

Pets Movers Dubai has the most comprehensive, coordinated, integrated surveillance system to offer unique services for the pet. The surveillance actually helps to detect any foreign disease or an emerging issue in pet behavior. This helps to monitor any trade significant disease. Our latest monitoring system takes care of your pets in our vicinity or under our custody. So, you can expect high standards of care for your pets because our trained staff do it with the clear recommendations of the USDA.

Act now and avail the discounted prices which are lower in the entire Dubai. We are located in Dubai but help to move your pet from any part of the world. So, do not waste your money elsewhere and get the benefit of our experience and trained team.

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