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Pets Movers is UAE’s premier pet moving company. In the post-Covid-19 world, it is very difficult to travel with pets because of the restrictions imposed by the authorities worldwide. Private jet pet relocation has emerged as a regular industry to easily cover up the gap and move pets from one country to another. We provide luxury jet services to relocate the pets and their parents/masters. We arrange all the documents, certification, and boarding cages for pet relocation. We provide all the necessary stuff for Pet relocation in the private jet and make your travel happy and memorable.


Documentation and Breed Restrictions


Traveling by private jet does not mean that the restrictions for moving some specific breeds are over. The same documentation is required for pets as it is needed for pets moving via private jets. Vaccination is required for dogs and cats. The booster doses are needed against Distemper, Parvovirus, Canine Hepatitis, and Leptospirosis. These vaccinations and booster dosages are required by all states. Pet moving in the private jet does not give you off from the documentation but it gives you the benefit of luxury and comfort and also the sure movement of pets. Added to this, dogs with age over five months must get rabies vaccine proof within the last three years.


Procedures and Destinations


To do relocation in a private jet it is mandatory to fulfill all the documentation needed. The pet owners have to go through the procedures therefore, we are providing the solution and getting rid of the pet owners from all hurdles. The dog breeds that are banned from moving and relocating are not moved by us to your specific location. We arrange the boarding cages for the pets. Our smooth and streamlined process makes it convenient for all.    


Comfort Over Luxury


It is important to notice that comfort and luxury come with a cost. We are the best company dealing in such moving processes. The fur babies’ movement is considered quite hefty because it does not only contain a lot of cost value but the life of the pet has to be protected. As we care for your pet, therefore, we refrain to offer any excessive food and water to avoid vomiting. Before, getting on board we recommend getting an appointment with the vet for a health checkup of your pet. This will not only provide you with the status of the pet’s health but also it will give you a clear picture of the situations that your pet may face during the flight. Cat relocation in the private jet is usually the most demanded one because cats can adjust well to any environment.


Call now to book the pet relocation private jet service and enjoy your private charter trip. We believe in making a long-term relationship with our clients and therefore you can expect the highest level of quality of service. We are providing the best private jet pet relocation in UAE so try us for a luxury memorable voyage.

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