Permits & Customs Clearance


Dubai is a tough place to relocate your Pet to. Pets Movers Dubai offers the services to relocate the pet quite safely and rapidly. The UAE is a country with strict customs laws, especially for pets. This is because relocating the pets to UAE needs the following documents at least:

  • Import Permits
  • Vaccine Cards
  • Animal Passport
  • Updated Microchip
  • Rabies Vaccine

We assist our clients and customers in successfully relocating their pets to Dubai by providing the assistance and documentation that is necessary by all means. We help in the door-to-door relocation of pets after the Permits and Customs Clearance in Dubai

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We offer pet relocation services after the clearance of all the documentation necessary to relocate the pet. We ensure the Dubai authorities by providing all the vaccination reports such as Rabies, Canine Distemper Virus, Canine Parvo Virus, Infectious Canine Hepatitis, and Leptospirosis. All these are needed by the authorities because the Ministry of Climate Change and Environment (MOCCAE) has declared that mandatory for pet Dogs.

We either help you in getting this or if you already have it in your hands then we provide it in a professional way needed by the authorities. If you are traveling from a rabies controlled nation then you may not require to show all these vaccination certificates. We provide the assistance that is utterly needed to pave the way to successfully land the pet in Dubai. Our team works with you and for you to get through all the difficult processes to relocate the pets.

We Help You to Get Out of the Situation Swiftly with the Required Documents

Pets Movers assists its customers in swiftly getting through the process to collect the documents needed to relocate to Dubai. The pet owner’s passport is needed to initiate the process and also the animal’s passport is needed to relocate. We help to validate the most crucial step of pet moving which is the vaccination certificates. We assist you to get it in the format required by the Dubai Authorities. We ensure all the shipping treatments required by the authorities likewise the Deworming (Anthelmintic), Anti-external Parasites and etc.

We Fulfill the Promise to Relocate Your Pets to Dubai at Affordable Rates

We care for our customers and help them to relocate with Pets by running through all the difficult and confusing steps quite swiftly. We charge the mandatory fees needed by the Dubai authorities for the specific category of the pet and submit it to the authorities on your behalf. The other costs may include the fees for the vaccination certificates, IATA-Approved carrier, Air Lines Fares, and our services charges as well. This is the simple equation of the charges that you pay off to relocate the pets with you when you are coming to Dubai for a job, business, or a leisure trip.  We charge so economically that it would be convenient for you to relocate with the pets to Dubai.


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